How to donate money to the right organization

How to donate money to the right organizationIt can be a medical care for a child or a rare disease, or giving children access to school, you want to help by donating to an organization. With thousands of charities that are asking for funds, you will have to be careful about the bona fide charitable causes. How to identify and donate your money to the right organization?

From your inner soul

There is no need to rush on the first offer or the first pop-up appearing on your web page to donate. You have to be aware of your own need and will in donating. Discover what kind of charity do you want to back and what your purposes are. It may be for an organization fighting against a certain disease (cancer, AIDS, etc) or an organization that helps children in a developing country to get funds in their studies. Identifying this issue is more than essential before donating money to an organization. Once this first step achieved, start search on the Internet to find out more about the issue you are interested in. Go and visit your state’s Yearbook if necessary. You may find hundreds and even more on online websites but be careful not to give money right away. Take time to ask others’ advices and even experts’ notes.

Get further information to avoid scammers

After the research, you are sure to find out more than one organization. Try to compare them to find out the bona fide charity organization. Some websites and association are helping in identifying them such as The Better Business Bureau or the National Association of State Charity Officials. You will get rating on a specific donation, ideas, testimonies and other news related to the non-governmental organization. You will judge by yourself to which organization you can rely for donation. Make your choice by taking into account these researches. If you want to give money after a natural disaster, be sure that the event really took place. And this is the case for any events and diseases. This does not mean you are not trusting the organization, this just meant that you are concerned about what you are backing. Try to find out the number of victims and the Government’s program for reconstruction if there is.

Legal payment process

Even if some organizations are sending some kind of solicitation by phone or email, think twice. The reason is that you may give your money to scammers even if you mean well. After searching and comparing charities, you can start going deeper on your selection. You have to check for the organization’s fiscal responsibilities and real spending. How it runs financials and cost of administration. If the NGO does not give you enough detail about their status towards the Government where it is located, or details about financial, it may be that is just does not have. Be sure that you have all these details before hurrying up in donating your money to an organization.