50% of the people worldwide pay too much for their gas

50% of the people worldwide pay too much for their gasNatural gas prices are increasing by 16% to 19% and it is becoming more and more prominent. An expert in the field says that if the customer is paying more than £51 (33,17 USD) for their gas per month, then, they are potentially paying too much than they should.

Expensive tariff

Gas and electricity costs are one of the largest monthly outgoings of many households. And the situation remains the same in all developed countries around the world. Because of expensive tariff, especially in gas, each household pays £411 more than they are expecting. So instead of paying around £980, the household can disburse more than £1,391 a year. In January, the Big 6 energy providers in Britain were accused of paying too much for its wholesale supply. Especially in the United Kingdom and in the United States, gas bills are at a 10-year high. Anyway, this is the same situation in the different countries in the world such as Russia and Europe.

Survey in the United Kingdom

Energy firms claim that the reason of the high tariff greatly depends on transportation costs and investment in alternative energy sources that have to be factored in. Switching to a cheaper provider can be a solution for many household to save money. Based on the cheapest energy tariffs currently available on the market, here are a few indications on the average tariffs in the UK. For a small house or flat, the average energy bill is £59 the month. For Medium House it is £84 and £118 for a Large House. ComRes interviews (August and September 2013) reveal that the majority of UK household believes energy costs are unreasonable. And this is obvious seen the amount reached at the end of the year these 5 last years.

Canada and North America

This increase in gas bill can be felt in Canada and North America. For instance, let’s take the case in Halifax. Gas price increases of 110 percent between September 2013 and January 2014 in this location compared to the previous years. Compared to New Brunswick, prices quadrupled and quintupled for other customers.

Why people are paying too much?

Some appliances are considered high in consuming gas energy. Misusing or overusing a gas consuming appliance increase gas bill. It may be traditional bulbs that consumes too much in energy, the furnace or the water heater. A lot of customers around the world are unaware of these reasons. Continuing on this way amplifies the amount of gas they are using.

Apart from that, gas bill very much depends on gas supplier charges, taxes and extra service fees. Sales taxes on services, local, regional or federal taxes are also applied to the bill. Some suppliers can charge a basic fee each month. There is no doubt that these extra fees are making customers pay too much for their gas, wherever they are in the world.